What motivates you to build a website?

What motivates you to build your website? What is the objective behind the words you type and the edits you make? What is the reason you take time away from the "addiction" of memes, 9gag, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube  What stops you self-diagnosed ADHD from going haywire with the myriad of never-ending content -almost tailored to specifically make you a mindless puppet!?-.

  • Financial freedom: Are you building this site because you want to set up a business? Become your own boss? Decide how much you get paid? Do you want to have the power to decide how much work is done on a day and how that work is done? The only way this can happen is if you take time away from procrastination.
  • Purpose of website: Is this new website for a non-profit organization, is it a project you are being paid to do? Is this your new self-employed project that will liberate your from the "9 to 5"? Identifying the purpose of the website will help you to retain focus. I would encourage you to print the purpose of the website using a label maker and glue it to your monitor.

Whatever might be the reason it has to be real, it has to be a constant presence in your mind and you have to care and stay committed to it to defeat your desire for procrastination. Don't waste time, don't bring yourself down. Learn to focus on one project per day. Be disciplined and have no more than 2 projects going at the same time. Command yourself to see the time you work on as rest time from the other. Have awareness of your reduced time: If you are reading this, chances are you probably have little time for your family, for yourself, for a hobby, for a business or another project. We encourage you to use that realization as a fuel for your focus.

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