What is website content?

Website content is the text, pictures, music, videos, and all other form of media that you publish to your web hosting plan, that can be seen, heard, felt or can otherwise be interacted with. There are also many different ways of generating and organizing website content depending on what the intent of the website is. For example, some people rely on content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and Joomla, some people use online website builders that rely on more static themes, and some people manually script their websites using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ASP and many other website scripting languages.

Why is website content important?

A popular adage in online communities is that "content is king". High quality content it what brings customers to your door and retains their interest, it is crucial for search engine ranking and therefore also crucial for the success of your website.

  • Website content tells your visitors everything about your business. From the way you do business and your product offers.
  • Failing to provide the information your visitors are looking for will result in the loss of current business and potential future referrals.

It is important to know that all your pages needs to have good content. This is because Google and other search engines do not rank your website as a whole, instead they rank each one of your pages separately.

Pages of your website that are lacking in content are simply not going to get listed. On that note, website content for pages like "Contact Us" and "About Us" is often overlooked because these two pages don't offer a product.

Don't build poor "Us" pages. These are the ones that provide the most interpersonal view of your company and by extension the ones that generate or destroy trust.

How is website content generated?

Most common route is of course generating the content yourself. Examples:

  • If you are a photographer that would mostly require taking photos in new locations, at different times or of different things. You are advised on not leaving out the commentary about it as it add personality to your website.
  • If you are a writer (poet or otherwise) you are advised of also adding pictures would need to add pictures .
  • Both sites would benefit from having links towards other sites with similar or complimentary content and build a network of referrals.

Of course another option is to hire a content marketing firm to do this for you. 

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