What is web hosting?

Web hosting, also called website hosting is a service that provides a location or space that is publicly available on the Internet. This location is utilized to host or allocate your web hosting content. The content published to your web hosting plan is what people will call "your website".

Think of web hosting as a plot of land where you build a house. Your hosting plan is the land, electricity, water, gas and sewage. It provides you with all the basic needs to set up your living space. From there you have the freedom to build the house with the materials, colors and forms you want. You can hire us to build the website for you or you can build the website yourself.

There are free and paid hosting providers (Companies you can rent web hosting from). In the past there used to be more free hosting plan providers but most of those providers have gone out of business. Start your hosting plan now with a reliable provider by clicking here.

What are the differences between domain names, web hosting and website?

  • Your website is what your site visitors interact with when they type your domain in a web browser and press enter or when they click on a link to your website.
  • A domain name is both your online brand and the address of your online business.
  • A web hosting plan connects your domain name with your website content. A web hosting plan holds your website files.

The process is like this:

  1. A visitor types your domain name into the web browser address bar and hit enter.
  2. The domain name is translated into a server IP address.
    • The visitor's Internet service provider (ISP) will grab the domain and ask the global DNS the location of the web server (for simplicity we consider your hosting plan also your web server in this case).
    • The global DNS tells your visitor's ISP where your files are located by giving your computer the IP address of your web hosting plan.
  3. Your visitor's computer will download the website content from the web hosting plan.
  4. Your visitor's browser will present all the information that relates to your website based on your specifications!

Now you can see why without having the domain name, the hosting plan and the website content you will not have a working website.

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